Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cogito Ergo Sum

This blog has made a slight transmogrification and therefore deserves some explanation.

This blog was my original foray into blogging.  I thought I could post a commentary about life, a semi-autobiographical affair, which ultimately failed miserably.  But this provided the impetus for another blog which would serve as a sort of literary experiment and not meant for pedestrian eyes.

Next, I began what I name the FOSS Music Project, with accompanying blog.  In short, the goal of the project was to document the accessibility and quality of Free Open Source Software for recording music.  In particular, this would feature Ubuntu Studio but would easily translate into almost all of the other Linux distributions.

This project also meet at untimely demise as I became more involved with Ubuntu Studio and the Ubuntu Studio developers.  Demise is really too strong of a word since only some of the goals for the project are being addressed by working with the Ubuntu Studio developers.  Rather it's time has not come as I will revisit it later.

But as I began working with the Ubuntu Studio developers I realized that I needed a place to document some of the things I did and therefore I started to use the FOSS Music Project blog.  This concerned me because I felt that the FOSS Music Project needed to happen and would when its time was appropriate.

So, I have started this blog.  It's goal is to document my travails as I work with Ubuntu Studio and the developers on my quest to be considered among their austere ranks.

Lastly, I want to mention that I have purged any non-related posts from this blog in order to fit in with the current scope and, as they were random thoughts of no significance, it bears no concern.  Additionally, I moderated the first post to reflect the subject matter, which does somewhat present me with some concern.

Purging unnecessary content does not present me with any untoward feelings, but subjectively modifying content does.  Note that I contrast this with making editorial changes.

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