Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Almost, But Not Quite, Entirely Unlike Tea

Tales of belonging, public speaking, and discourse.  And not a Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser in sight.

Ubuntu Membership
I've begun my application for Ubuntu Membership on my wiki.ubuntu.com personal wiki page.

Other than the status it provides I'm not sure that I will see much benefit, but I've been encouraged by a few key individuals to complete this and therefore I shall.  When good guidance is proffered I am not one to question it.

However, I am reminded that there is one definitive benefit from membership that I do desire; syndication on Planet Ubuntu.  It is this medium that I expect to leverage and bring Ubuntu Studio more to the fore of mass consciousness.  Oh, aye!

But given my personality I feel compelled that my application not only demonstrate, but also embody, the concept of thoroughness.  And although I probably have enough done and probably should start the process proper, I feel I still need to develop a few more aspects of my application.

Since other tasks are being juggled concurrently I would expect completion by this weekend.  Then I can request testimonials, and finally, formally apply to one of the regional boards.

I think there may be some difficulty getting some of the boards to evaluate any application, much less my own.  The America's Board has applications pending from December of 2009.  The Middle East Board has recently announced a June 1st meeting, which may be too soon.  However, the Asia Board appears to have one every month.

I'll shoot for the Middle East Board meeting if I can meet a few milestones in the next two days, otherwise I'll wait for the next Asia Board meeting.

Either way I'll be happy to have the application ready and can move onto other activities requiring my attention.

Open Source Musician's Interview
The other interesting thing to mention is my interview on the Open Source Musician Podcast.

Dan and Steve are super nice guys and really deserve credit for creating a bit of an grass roots groundswell around open source and musicians.  Their IRC channel (#opensourcemusicians on Freenode) always seems to have activity and usually has some interesting things going on.

Anyway, Ricardo (rlameiro) set the whole thing in motion and it was supposed to be me and stochastic.  Stochastic, however, missed the interview and I did it alone.

I had listened to several episodes before so I basically knew what to expect.  As I said before, Dan (who I think has a voice made for radio) and Steve are easy going guys so it was a relaxed event and I think it came out pretty good.

You can download and listen to the interview here.

My main box had a Hardy install (my main recording partition) and various Lucid Beta installs since we were in the middle of testing Lucid, therefore I used my laptop with a vanilla Karmic install to record the interview.   I ended up rather disappointed with how I sound; I recorded it using a rather inexpensive microphone headset, Pulse Audio, and Skype, the result was my voice sounded very tinny and had a discernible buzz.

But overall I was very happy with the interview and look forward to doing another one with them when I have something worthwhile to tell them again.

A hallmark I would like to develop is consistent communication with the users, which encourages reciprocative discourse or actions.

A simple post, email, or news item should help to keep the community informed, building a sense of trust and commitment.  A 21th century Fireside Chat with FDR, if you will allow the comparison.

In this format, communication probably will not take the form of long, laborious missives.  Rather, it will likely be short and to the point.

Examples might include:
  • informing users of project direction and goals
  • soliciting user suggestions opinions
  • updating users of project goal accomplishment
  • reminding users of upcoming milestones
  • and requesting user testing
Currently I envision no more than two weeks between communiqués.  But can be reevaluated as necessary.

And hopefully, an informed and educated community results in an active and involved community.

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