Sunday, July 11, 2010

Greetings and Salutations

My name is Scott Lavender and I am currently the project lead for Ubuntu Studio and this is my obligatory "Hello Planet Ubuntu" first post.  Cheers!

Beyond the ubiquitous self-gratification, I am syndicating my blog to Planet Ubuntu for education and information about Ubuntu Studio.

On the whole I believe most Ubuntu users are rather unaware of Ubuntu Studio.

Hopefully this blog will now reach a wider audience, one that is less familiar with Ubuntu Studio, and permeate the collective consciousness by demonstrating what Ubuntu Studio is and what is has to offer.  Perhaps this might even entice some to become Ubuntu Studio users, contributors, and/or developers.

For those who are already familiar with or perhaps using and contributing to Ubuntu Studio, this blog presents information on important updates, current news, testing underway, and insights/musings on possible upcoming features.

A recent example is my post about JACK and Pulse Audio integration improvements where I tested device negotiation between JACK and Pulse Audio using D-BUS in the upcoming Maverick Meerkat release.  Good stuff.

Visit Us
If anyone has any questions or comments about Ubuntu Studio please visit us on IRC at #ubuntustudio-devel and #ubuntustudio.

Additionally user and developer mailing lists are available for those who prefer email at and, respectively.

And lastly I also welcome anyone that desires it to contact me directly at, especially if you are considering contributing to Ubuntu Studio.  Documentation, testing or contributing art are entry level ways to improve Ubuntu Studio; I should point out that I started with documentation myself :)

Warmest Regards,

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