Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ubuntu Developer Summit

I'm going to Ubuntu Developer Summit this November! I'm pretty excited about this and slightly nervous.

I was surprised about a month ago when I received an email saying that my sponsorship was approved. Funny thing is that I didn't apply for sponsorship, perhaps someone else did.

Thank you "someone else". I would like to know who you are.

I've been overloaded with work for the past three or so months so I haven't thought too much about this other than making the initial arrangements. Therefore, I have given very little consideration to what I hope happens, however, offhand I would say that I want to:
  • learn, learn, learn (those who know me also know that I always want to learn stuff)
  • get the -lowlatency kernel into the repos so it can ship by default in Ubuntu Studio
  • talk to someone (Mark maybe) about getting a developer support for Ubuntu Studio
Am I crazy to expect these things? I view it as I would be crazy to expect these things to happen without doing something about it!

Oh, I've been growing my hair for the past two months or so in preparation for UDS.  This is me now:
Hirsute Scott (aka Bandersnatch)
Ever since I was in the Marine Corps I have cut my hair every two weeks (sometimes less) with clippers and no guard.  It's taken a little bit to get used to after not having hair for so long.
Scary, No Hair Scott

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Scott Ritchie said...

You and I have the same facial hair and are both named Scott, maybe you got my sponsorship by mistake :D