Tuesday, November 1, 2011

UDS-P - Day 1

Wow!  I'm sitting here waiting for my next session trying to find words to describe the first day of my very first day of UDS and cannot seem to complete that task.

Some words, themes, and descriptions comes easy.

It was slightly overwhelming.

The almost manic crush of people, the tangible sense of purpose, the driven pacing of schedules, and my almost complete ignorance of many of the session topics left me feeling battered, both physically and mentally.

After the Meet and Greet I was slightly reeling and needing respite, rest, and rejuvenation.  I intended to join the practice for the Ubuntu All Stars band but ended up going back to my room.

It was amazing.

I met an incredible number of people, many with whom I had conversed in IRC.  A greater, more dynamic, and multidimensional relationship has now been established with these people.

Networking has also been very rewarding and I met many more people that those I had previously known before.  In particular, some were particularly rewarding in acquiring a direction for my own tasks and goals.

And it was equally rewarding in meeting those who are extremely well known throughout the Canonical/Ubuntu ecosphere, even if the only exposure or experience with them was introductions and a handshake.

Hope, Thy Name is UDS
My first day has imbued me with a great sense of optimism, purpose, and responsibility.

I have received a great amount of relevant, explicit, and concise information and I feel that this has greatly improved the existing plan of action for Ubuntu Studio.

I feel that I have never had such opportunity to effect change as now and this has certainly strengthened the my sense of responsibility.

What I've Learned
Some simple lessons include bringing a smaller laptop with a better working battery, better preparation for session scheduling, and extremely comfortable shoes.

Less pedestrian, I have learned more about infrastructure and how Ubuntu builds this wonderful product.

But perhaps, that most important, I have learned a great deal about one of Jono's favorite words...community.  I hope to keep learning about it.

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