Friday, August 24, 2012

Content Highlight: Youtube Minecraft Series

I have talked recently about using Ubuntu Studio for content creation and I would to start sharing what I have been doing recently.

My sons and I have started creating a series of Youtube Minecraft videos. It's been very fun and I have learned quite a large amount of video production. I expect that I will also create some documentation for my work flow soon to share.

Planet Ubuntu: I feel slightly bad about including video on the roll, I'm not sure people usually do this or if it is bad form. I will be vigilant to ensure this is a rarity just to sporadically highlight something that was created with Ubuntu Studio.

As i mentioned previously, the next project is to work on an audio album - I am already demoing riffs - but during the next three months I am thinking about also working in a silly, quirky video ad, some graphical logo/banner type things, and a few tutorial/explanatory videos into the and family allowing, of course.

Rock on.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty cool I also started a series, but I'm using Avs4you rather than Ubunto.

Check it out: