Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Of Branches and Trunks

My Plymouth theme changes were merged into the official trunk of the ubuntustudio-look package last night.  This is amazing.

Firstly, it's my first code that has been accepted into an official Ubuntu Studio package.

Secondly, this is something extremely visible as it will be the first (and mandatory) thing seen as Ubuntu Studio boots up.  And it is at this stage that I really, really hope it works!

Lastly, this is for a Long Term Supports release so my contribution will be relevant for three years!  Of course, unless someone else (or me) creates another theme and then replaces mine.  This seems unlikely unless my theme is borked somehow as there are many other, more important things to worry about.

Backporting packages was one thing.  Working on packaging a new application is another.  But this step is way beyond either of those.  Truly exciting, both for my contributions but also for my development.

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