Thursday, April 1, 2010

of Whats and Wheres

I've been busy, really busy, and at length I plan to talk about it.  I shan't do it all at once and it probably will be parsed between several posts over several weeks.  So, let's begin.

Back in February I embarked upon the RPM Challenge for the second year in a row.  The goal of the challenge is to record ten songs, or thirty-five minutes of music, during the month of February.  Writing the material during February is encouraged but not required and music that has been recorded previously is explicitly prohibited.

My name for the project is wirblewind and my page can be found here:

Although I did not quite reach the ten song or thirty-five minutes of music goal, I accomplished several other goals.  Given that I only managed a single "song" last year, I am quite pleased by the progress, which was a goal.

Everything was recorded in Ubuntu Studio.  I'm proud of that as well.

Of all the songs, I'm quite pleased with Werewolf Baby for several reasons.  Specifically, I'm happy with the production of the song and believe it to be the best sounding of all the songs.  Also, this song was specifically written with a genre and subject matter in mind.

Normally, most of my songs are developed organically and I usually cannot direct their development.  In a very Zen matter, they are and I am only discovering them rather then creating them.  This one germinated from an idea and developed as a result and stayed rather true to it's roots.

The last topic I will discuss in this blog will be a conversation and its implications that I had with someone in the #ubuntustudio-devel channel on IRC.

Troy_S told me I should write, really write, about my thoughts on Ubuntu Studio instead of using this blog as a notepad to record technical minutiae of some accomplishment for future reference.

Troy is an interesting guy and comes from a very different place than I.  That's not a bad thing and I don't think we clash with each other, we are just different shades of color.  If I was Black Sabbath then he would be Joy Division.

I'm working my way through a couple of books he suggested to me about graphic arts and design.  Bloody good books they are!  I'm learning loads of new stuff, things I never considered or was aware of before.

Anyway, I'm going to do what he said.  I'm going to open up more about my thoughts on Ubuntu Studio and where it's heading as I've held those very close to the vest for the most part.  And hopefully no one gets upset about some of the things I might write :)

But just not at this particular juncture in time.  But soon, as I plan on writing more frequently here.


Troy James Sobotka said...

Flattered that I get a head nod here.

Glad you enjoyed the books.

Now let's hear what you have to say.

Scott Lavender said...


I was working on a new post last night that talks about the degradation of leadership within Ubuntu Studio.

Tonight or tomorrow it should be posted.