Sunday, June 13, 2010

15 Seconds of Fame...14...13...12...

I had been wanting to donate and email the Linux Outlaws for some time and so with a confluence of influences I finally did.

While it's more like six seconds of fame, my email and donation are mentioned in Linux Outlaws Episode 153.

Incidentally, this started a nice dialogue with Dan beginning with me asking him for suggestion on how we could improve Ubuntu Studio.*

After he shared his thoughts about Ubuntu Studio I also mentioned that I mislead him slightly by mentioning that I was "working with the Ubuntu Studio developers" which is not untrue, just not thoroughly complete.  I really don't want to wield that title like an Object of Power, rather I view myself as a servant to the Ubuntu Studio users and their needs.

Notwithstanding, Dan mentioned a possibility of an interview which would be a nice change to ask for people to help with testing and documentation creation.

Additionally, I told Dan about my wirblewind RPM music and asked if he would consider it for Rathole Radio.  This would be second great event for me.

The first was being interviewed by the Open Source Musicians Podcast.  Having music written and performed by me featured on a podcast would be a close second!

Even if he doesn't choose something I've already done (and mind you, the RPM stuff is a little rough), I keep writing music so perhaps something later on.

Either way about my music, I just hope to keep communication open with the Linux Outlaws (as they're both fab blokes) and hopefully plug Ubuntu Studio from time to time.

* This question really applies to ANY Ubuntu Studio user.  This is a serious statement:  If anyone has a suggestion for improving Ubuntu Studio then please email me at

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