Thursday, June 10, 2010


Just a quick note to mention some of my advocacy projects.  Well, given my loquacious nature it probably will not be "quick", but it shall be oil free.

When Words are Not Enough
While I am free with my verbal advocacy to friends and colleagues at work I have felt that I needed to take it to the next step.  I was clear that I had several people interested in Ubuntu, and specifically Ubuntu Studio in many cases, but it was clear that I had not sealed the deal.  However, to be honest I had already assisted two people into Ubuntu but it had been so long ago I don't usually consider them.

I am an hour's drive north of Houston, which has a rather vibrant Loco.  However, most meetings tend to be on the south side of Houston.  This makes it rather impractical for me to attend meetings.

Therefore I had been considering trying to create a Montgomery/Conroe Loco (MoCo LoCo).  This group might even attract several of the Houston members that live on the north side.

With the confluence of events I felt it was time to do a presentation.

I Give You Ubuntu Studio
After a month of false starts I set a date that most of the interesting people agreed would be good and began preparations.

However, I did fail to aggressively remind people of the scheduled meeting.

With eldest son and daughter in tow I set up for the meeting (using one of the big conference rooms and project at work) at the appointed day and hour and waiting for people to arrive.  I was disappointed.

Counting the pizza delivery two individuals showed up.  Luckily the other person was Mark whom I felt was the most interested.

We all ate lots of pizza and enjoyed what I felt was a pretty good presentation.  Considering the amount of questions that I was asked afterward I felt it was well received as well.

The video is hosted with Vimeo and can be found here.  The video is quite long (over an hour) and I fear I misspoke a few times.  However I still feel it is a good introduction to recording with JACK, Hydrogen, Ardour, LV2, and Rakarrack.

I'll add a like to the Open Office Impress slide show in this blog later.

Resonance Cascade
Several people felt quite guilty on Monday morning.  More, however, were even more intrigued by my description of the presentation.

Three out of the five at work asked me if I would do it again so that they could attend.  I agreed to a future, if currently unspecified, date.

This will give me time to moderate my presentation syllabus slightly and make it more refined, concise, and effective hopefully.

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