Sunday, June 20, 2010

Binomial Belonging...And Other Short Stories!

A quick update on a matter of import or two.

Ubuntu Membership
For over a month I had been preparing my application* for Ubuntu Membership.  Two days ago I attended the membership hearing and was accepted.  Yay!

Several people whose suggestions and opinions I value had prompted me to seek membership.  But I also have another motive, as a Ubuntu Member I can get this blog syndicated to Planet Ubuntu.

I'm not into posting at Planet Ubuntu for the money, fame, or companionship.  No, no, no, it's not about me.  I'm looking to reach a wider audience to educate them about Ubuntu Studio.  Additionally, this wider audience probably isn't already being informed about Ubuntu Studio.  If we were playing Scrabble this would be a triple word score and I would have used two X's and one Z!

Hopefully by next weekend I will have finished the requisite machinations and my first post to Planet Ubuntu will occur.  Or maybe not, perhaps flesh eating bacteria or ruthless aliens might get me first (I'm not worried about zombies; head shots)!

The Fridge Interview
I have a scheduled interview with The Fridge.

This is a Big Deal, and in a rare twist, I'm at a loss of words to describe this.  Well, not really, a few words are available:





Well, the last word really is not applicable to The Fridge interview, but that word is almost always available to me when I'm wordsmithing.

But seriously, some crazy things have been happening lately to me in regards to Ubuntu Studio, which some may describe as serendipitous, and this is just another typifying occurrence.

Nonetheless, I believe questions should be emailed to me third week of July.  Given my nature of loquaciousness and verbosity I hope there aren't many questions.  Just kidding; bring 'em on!

Hopefully we can transcend the typical interview paradigm into a shout out for Ubuntu Studio and get some new people interested into helping.

For several months I had considered making an "I Use Ubuntu Studio" button so people can add them to their blogs and web pages.  I felt this was a great way for people to express their passion for Ubuntu Studio.  And it is free advertising.

Huh?  You don't really know what kind of button I am talking about?  Oh, well, it looks like this:

An email came through the ubuntustudio-users mail list asking about this which galvanized me into action.  So I made several.  The work involved was minimal really, maybe around three hours for the lot.

And the time spent researching ('cause I've used Inkscape three times now!) the mechanics vs. actually doing the work was almost at unity.  So, my larger point at this moment is the Inkscape is superlatively powerful and silly easy.

The real weak link is me because I'm not a graphics artist type guy.  While I have a modicum of creativity with audio and real instruments, the same cannot be said with art and design.  So I'm rather open to suggestions or ideas since the ultimate goal is to create some design work for Ubuntu Studio.

Et Al.
Ubuntu Studio Maverick is rolling around pretty good as we have some good improvements coming soon.  I would like to post about it pretty soon time permitting.

One particular to mention, as a teaser to the next post, is JACK and Pulse Audio's behavior in Maverick.  Remember, one of the goals of Maverick was to improve how they work together.

My intention is to write the next post within the week, perhaps it can be sooner if my attention is not diverted by other issues, like uninstallable binaries and ISO builds that don't actually, erm, build.

Until next time.

* Maco commented that he liked my icons that I used.  Heh.


CFH said...


I posted the "modest proposal to creatives" on the mail list requesting an official "made with ubuntu studio" piece. I LIKE yours! Hopefully, you will contribute some variations on this theme? Possibly incorporating the new beta Ubuntu Fonts?

Thank you and please get the word out on this.

CFH said...
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CFH said...

Almost forgot: I would like to nominate Fabian Flores' Ubuntu Studio glass ball as the OFFICIAL login logo for the Ubuntu Studio distro.

You can search for his contributions on Now if he'd only update his Ubuntu family identification cards...

Scott Lavender said...

I already have created more. You can find them by clicking the link in the post where I say "the lot". You will find more thematic variations there.

However, I will also be developing more subtle variations of the ones that I like the best, like the one visually shown in the post.

As far as Fabian Flores' work...WOW! Bloody amazing, that.

I would like to use some of his art for Maverick. I will see what I can do about including it.

RATT said...

Very professional look... I LIKE IT :)